Master Connection

Channeled blends of Flower and Gem Essences to Align our Energy. Dance with the Masters of Light, our Spiritual Guides and Teachers.

Djwal Khul ~ Moving Energy

El Morya ~ Will, Determine

Hilarion ~ World Healer

Kuthumi ~ World Teacher

Lanto ~ Honor, Right-To-Life

Lady Nada ~ Graceful Transitions

Maha Chohan ~ Synthesize Creation

Liquid Light Elixir

Mother Mary ~ World Mother

Pallas Athena ~ Right Livelihood

Sananda ~ Passion in Service,
the Christ~Light Consciousness

Sanat Kumara ~ Higher Perspective

Serapis Bey ~ Ascension Master

St. Germain ~ Violet Flame of
Transmutation and Freedom.

Elixir 15 ml

Liquid Light Elixir 15 ml Remedy Bottle
$7.00 ~ Set of 13, $77.00

Remedy Bottle ~ 15 ml, labeled, cobalt blue bottle with black dropper and enough Mother Elixir to make the first generation, 1X, Vibrational Remedy. You add the bottling medium, we like distilled water with 40% brandy (50/50 Apricot/Ginger. Apricot brings Joy, Ginger balance and strength.) Shake the bottle vigorously to “Potentize” the Remedy. When down to the last dropper-full, refill the bottle with prefered medium and shake vigorously. You now have 2X Remedy. Homeopathically speaking, the more times the Remedy is reduced and re-Potentized the more powerful it becomes.

Vinegar can be used in place of brandy. Without a preservative,
the Remedy can become contaminated and grow things.

Liquid Light is a bioDynamic Vibrational Remedy
to Assist in Healling and Self-Empowerment.

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